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A Guide to Tailoring Content for Different Social Networking Sites

Living in an information economy means that regularly engaging via social media channels is a must for true success. Getting a feel for the differing personalities of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is easier said than done, even in 2017. Even digital natives find themselves reevaluating the way they use their networks in an increasingly content-reliant digital landscape. Knowing how to address the varied audiences who follow your brand on each social media site can be key to targeting the right potential investors.

The Ever Expanding World of Technology


Over the past decade, technology has evolved exponentially.  There has been a 70% increase in the number of people who use at least one social media network. But why does that matter? Well now that approximately 75-80% of the world use social media, we should be investing in ways to improve and enhance the software we have. Since the growth of all of these different platforms has happened so rapidly; we are still trying to create programs that can keep up with this expansion.

Meet our New Intern!

Hello, my name is Keegan Ulber and I am the new intern at CrowdReach. I was born in Argentina and have had the opportunity to live all over the world in places such as England and Switzerland. I moved to the United States and attended Porter Gaud at the beginning of my eighth grade year. Having graduated from Porter last week, I will be attending Clemson University in the fall

Why Blog Anyway?

Since I’ve recently started my new job, a part of my job description includes blogging. Blogging is a significant part of my days and workweeks. I have always enjoyed writing and consider myself to be well versed in the activity, although there is room for improvement. Blogging is an outlet to share thoughts and opinions, as well as inform subscribers on current events in the world, whether it is in categories such as business, travel, technology, entertainment, and

Welcome to our blog!

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CrowdReach allows you to craft one message and easily customize it based on the contact preferences of your recipients and by channel via email, text, or social media. With CrowdReach you are able to create custom graphics that can be used to provide a real-time promotion or other forms of engaging content like inspirational quotes or memes.

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