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The Chronicle

…CrowdReach streamlines communication efforts for users while enhancing the audience’s experience.

Charleston Grit

Beyond the real-time marketing capabilities of the app, small business owners with little technological acumen will also be able to create personalized and ready-to-post ads directly from within the application.

Business Journal

Users on CrowdReach platform can write their own messages with photos and then send them to customers—via email text and social media—simultaneously.

PR Newswire

CrowdReach will allow influential bloggers to send one message to their followers via social, text and e-mail—all from their mobile device.


CrowdReach allows the users to control both the message and the medium.


CrowdReach helps brands send automated yet personalized messages to audiences based on the social channel they’re using.

The Post and Courier

The goal, Rust says, is to make marketing personalized and easy for small businesses with just a handful of employees—and no communications team.

SC Public Radio

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