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The team at CrowdReach was built on motivation to provide small businesses with the inventive tools and support they need to manage their email, text and social media marketing. We are different because our customer service comes from within, resulting in faster and higher quality results for your unique business. Choose us and watch your business thrive!

Originally from Wilmington, NC, Trey Rust brings almost 20 years’ experience helping clients and their customers or supporters use technology in the political, advocacy, non-profit, business and government markets to better connect with their audiences.  These experiences led to the vision to found CrowdReach, a communications platform developed for businesses, professionals and organizations to simplify how they manage their email, text and social media marketing.  Trey is currently involved in all aspects of the business, with a focus on daily operations and distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions


We are a communications platform that allows small businesses, professionals and organizations to quickly and easily communicate with their customers and supporters through multiple channels.


CrowdReach is an easy-to-use tool to manage text, email and social media marketing.  CR is also used to build customer engagements, add extra value to customer service and strengthen social media presence in an efficient and effective manner.


All you need to use CrowdReach is an internet connection, desktop and/or an iOS device (Android coming soon!).

How do I Schedule a Post?

Once you have crafted your post, you will scroll down to “Who, Where & When.”  After selecting your crowds, you are able to click “at this time” or “select date and time” (for scheduling).  From there, you will be able to schedule up to 60 days in advance – down to the minute.

Why am I not receiving CrowdReach Emails?

The spam folder is the first place to look if you haven’t received a CrowdReach email in your inbox.  Websites and email addresses can get filtered into spam, junk or trash folders by email servers.  It depends on your mailbox.

How many Social Media profiles can I use with my CrowdReach account?

As a user, you have the ability to connect up to three social media profiles.  One for Twitter, one for Instagram and one for Facebook.

How do I connect the page I manage on Facebook to CrowdReach instead of my personal Facebook profile?

When you are connecting your Facebook page under your business profile, it will prompt you to choose which profile you want to connect with.

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