The Ever Expanding World of Technology


Over the past decade, technology has evolved exponentially.  There has been a 70% increase in the number of people who use at least one social media network. But why does that matter? Well now that approximately 75-80% of the world use social media, we should be investing in ways to improve and enhance the software we have. Since the growth of all of these different platforms has happened so rapidly; we are still trying to create programs that can keep up with this expansion. There are over a million technology startup companies in the US today and that number is steadily increasing. With this large rise in the technology industry, it leaves the door open for new and innovative companies to pave the road for the future as so many companies in the past few years have. All of these different technologies are unique to themselves. For example, here at CrowdReach, we are trying to break the communication barriers for small businesses and organizations across all spheres. Our mission is to allow subscribers to effectively and efficiently reach their crowd in one place by saving time & refocusing the message. It will be incredible to see how we can combine with other technologies alike in the future to hopefully create a platform that will truly break the limits of what we thought was possible.