Why Blog Anyway?

Since I’ve recently started my new job, a part of my job description includes blogging. Blogging is a significant part of my days and workweeks. I have always enjoyed writing and consider myself to be well versed in the activity, although there is room for improvement. Blogging is an outlet to share thoughts and opinions, as well as inform subscribers on current events in the world, whether it is in categories such as business, travel, technology, entertainment, and culture. I read countless amount of articles and blogs daily to stay informed. In my opinion, I think the decision for businesses and individuals to blog is a smart one. Here are few reasons that support my argument.
First and foremost, blogging is a way to make connections. It allows you to link with other websites and content on the web; furthermore, building a connection with another source might help bring more traffic into your site and theirs, creating a beneficial relationship. Second, you are building another form of resume for yourself, be dynamic. Third, most jobs involve some sort of interaction with writing, whether it be writing an email, proofreading, writing a document; therefore, blogging is a way to constantly brush up on your writing skills, which will always be necessary. When your job constantly revolves around tech lingo and business babble, it’s a way to express the sense of humor and personality of the company. When writing certain articles about something that you strongly believe, you hope that people become inspired and that is fulfilling in itself.
Agree or disagree, hopefully these reasons convince you to start blogging. Why not? It is free.